10 tips to clean office buildings and keep them clean

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10 tips to clean office buildings and keep them clean

How do entrepreneurs or employees manage to clean their office building sustainably and keep it permanently clean? There are many tips for office hygienically clean. Here we read about clean office buildings:

Tip 1: create a guiding culture and awareness of office cleanliness!

A colleague constantly leaves his dirty dishes in the kitchen, another is known for its chaos on the desk, the next employee forgets to flush after using the toilet? If there is a lack of awareness in a company of basic cleanliness, which everyone adheres to, chaos quickly reigns.

Sensitize every employee right from the start and make order and cleanliness in the office an integral part of the corporate culture.

Tip 2: Entrance and dirt control mats as magnets for coarse dirt!

With high-quality floor mats and dirt control mats in the right places, such as in front of the front door, in the foyer, etc., coarse dirt can be reliably collected from the shoes and thus does not end up on the carpets in the office.

But be careful: the floor mats only fulfill their function if they are of high quality, cleaned regularly, and freed from coarse dirt. With a large selection of entrance and dirt control mats, functionality and attractive design are not mutually exclusive.

Tip 3: Clean used dishes and kitchen daily!

There are many coffee cups and dishes from the breakfast or lunch break on a normal office day. But if the dirty dishes are left standing, they not only quickly become an odor nuisance and look unsavory but can also provide a breeding ground for mold and germs.

Tip 4: Empty trash cans with perishable waste every day!

Leftover food and rubbish that stink in garbage cans for days spoil any good office atmosphere. So make sure that trash cans are emptied daily. Otherwise, especially in the office, there is a risk of bad air and the rapid spread of germs and bacteria.

Here, too, the responsibilities must be regulated. Otherwise, one employee will happily pass the responsibility on to the other.

Tip 5: regularly remove bugs on the floor!

In offices, in particular, there is dust due to paper and regular movement, which, especially on laminate and PVC floors, forms “bunnies” quickly. It quickly looks extremely neglected. With the help of a powerful office vacuum cleaner, this can be remedied within a very short time.

  • Alternatively, you can also use a gadget that removes dust at fixed times or night.
  • Modern vacuum robots are small, highly effective, and are now available at quite affordable prices.

Tip 6: keep sanitary facilities in good condition!

Well-maintained sanitary facilities are simply part of the office. To encourage all employees to be clean, it is best to provide sufficient cleaning supplies in easily accessible places. Toilet brushes, toilet cleaners, disinfectant sprays, room sprays, damp cleaning cloths, etc., are popular, and the employees usually work themselves here to ensure an improved feel-good atmosphere.

Nowadays, there is an almost infinite selection to design the sanitary area of ​​offices effectively and well-cared for.

Tip 7: declare war on office mischief!

Stuffy air in the office from many employees and printers and toners, for example, takes visitors’ breath away and makes employees sluggish and unproductive.

Tip 8: treat glass surfaces regularly with glass cleaner!

Fingerprints and streaks on window panes and glass tables are a no-go. Especially on sunny days, they quickly make any office look neglected and neglected, no matter how beautiful. Keep a good glass cleaner handy here.

Tip 9: tidy up your desk before you go home!

Encourage every employee to tidy their desk shortly before the end of the day. It’s not about everything looking clinically tidy. Rather, it is about a good sorting in folders and a selection according to priorities. Modern roll containers and filing systems can be helpful here.

Tip 10: hire a professional office cleaning service!

Employees have a legal right to a clean office and the associated regular cleaning. Therefore, employers can ask their employees to empty their waste paper baskets, for example, or to clean their dishes, but they cannot force them to clean floors, sanitary areas, etc.

To clean your office building and keep it clean, you shouldn’t go without a professional office cleaning service. The best thing to do is commission an experienced caretaker service with all the tasks to clean your office building. The scope of the service can be very different depending on the number of employees, rooms, industry, and tasks.

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