Competent advice for preparing your business plan

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preparing your business plan

It would help if you had the business plan for whatever purpose: your reliable business plan consultancy with over eight years of experience and over 500 projects created. Rely on competence when developing business plans, regardless of whether you ultimately use external business plan advice or not.

We would be happy to explain the fundamental problem of business plan advice or preparation by a business plan consultant and third party:  As a founder, you are ideally an expert in your field. An external business plan consultant cannot build up this expertise quickly because the consultant is not as deep into the matter as the founder. You have to trust that your business plan consultant has enough motivation to dig deep into your industry and your unique challenges.

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  • Competent advice for preparing your business plan
  • How we proceed with a business plan advice
  • What if you are then an entrepreneur?
  • Financing as the number one goal
  • Business plan Advice on obtaining funding for starting a business

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  • Up grant Business plan goal: Entry fee
  • Business plan Advice on obtaining venture capital
  • Business plan Help in convincing business partners
  • Business plan Help: Investments
  • Business plan for internal planning and controlling
  • Business plan for the start-up loan
  • business plan Advice on the optimal business start-up
  • Business plan advice: Our way of working

How the business plan consultant undertakes the planning for the written part: Sample


Planning outlines in business plan advice typical financial plan structuring example REGULAR & COMPLEX

The financial plan outlines ENTERPRISE and INDIVIDUAL

The following video shows you which questions can play a role in submitting a consulting assignment to a business plan consulting company.

In the following interview: Business plan advice – procedure and questions.

How we proceed with a business plan consultation

Unless you already have a business plan, which you can add to and improve upon with our ASSIST package (the ideal business plan help for founders who are Do-It-Yourself fans), you can talk to us in advance of creating your business plan go with us. As part of this first business plan consulting session, we clarify your ideas for the business concept and look at opportunities and weaknesses and your suitability as a founder or entrepreneur. So that we can better assess your career, we have to look through a curriculum vitae before this first business plan consultation takes place, and if possible, a one-page concept paper on your business idea.

Business plan help: Financing as the number one goal

Regardless of whether to start a business or to expand, a business plan often pursues the purpose of obtaining financing. This can take the form of a start-up loan or start-up funding.

The basis for a commitment is that the business plan clearly shows that the business model can be successful in the long term. There are several key figures for this, for example, liquidity or the investment plan. Sometimes a complex matter. For the numbers to appear plausible, everything has to be measured well. For this reason, a business plan help is valuable. A business plan consultant knows what is essential.

The business plan should contain realistic figures that show that the expected sales can ensure repayment.

A worst-case scenario works out the expected risk.

The investment/capital requirement plan reveals where the money is going (see our financial plan template in our blog). Donors have an interest in ensuring that repayment is secured even if the company fails. Company-independent material assets, such as construction machinery, are usually the more worthwhile investment compared to individual or virtual services such as a homepage, as these can be turned into money in the event of bankruptcy. These are the facts to keep in mind as you prepare for your credit interview.

To receive financial aid, the founder must give the impression that they have the necessary skills to implement their business idea successfully. Well-founded training creates trust and increases the chances of repaying the loan, if necessary, with employment in another company. But the personality of the founder is also essential.

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