Important Benefits of Maintaining Cleanliness

5 Important Benefits of Maintaining Cleanliness

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The benefits of maintaining cleanliness are part of faith; that is one of the hadiths that must be used as guidelines by Muslims, where if they want to believe, they must also maintain cleanliness. A clean environment is the dream of all citizens. With a clean, they can carry out their daily activities safely and comfortably. Cleanliness has positive benefits for those who keep it; here are five benefits of a clean environment for society:

Avoid Flood Threat

Flood is one of the bad effects of an unclean environment. The cause of the flooding is improper disposal of garbage, resulting in a large amount of garbage scattered everywhere. So that when it rains, the garbage will be dragged away by water and cover the gutter hole, which results in the water not being able to flow properly. That way, the water will inundate two streets and even houses. The water will recede sometime later, some are a matter of hours, and some are even days.

Very scary, isn’t it, if you live in a flood-prone area. We will find it difficult to carry out our activities. Conversely, with cleanliness, we are able to avoid the flood.

Avoid infectious diseases

Contagious diseases caused by dirty environments are DHF, diarrhea, and typhus. The disease if not treated properly, will lead to death. Many people are afraid of threats, but few take the prevention of risk factors for the disease. This has resulted in many diseases caused by an unclean environment. Only the losses we get if we don’t avoid the disease.

By taking precautions such as maintaining the cleanliness of the surrounding environment by not littering, defecating in the open, and so on, we can avoid these diseases. A clean environment will make us live safely, comfortably, and comfortably.

The environment becomes more neat and comfortable to live in

When we pay attention to and cultivate a slum area in an area, we will feel uncomfortable paying attention to it. Not only that, just getting closer, we feel reluctant. Because of the smell, it creates. Such is how people perceive an unclean environment.

People will give an assessment of us if they see the outside of us, such as the area occupied. People or our guests feel reluctant to enter our home area, so we should keep the environment clean. It’s not difficult to get started; just throw the trash in its place first. That way, our environment will be neat and comfortable to look at.

Improve Physical and Spiritual Health

Cleanliness is the main asset of physical and spiritual health. There is a quote from a beautifully written Satire poem by Decimus Iunius Iuvenalis, a Roman poet and philosophy which reads “Mens Sana In Corpore Sano” or which means, in a healthy body, there is a strong soul. He emphasized that the benefits of a nation’s clean culture reflect the progress of that nation’s thinking.

The simple, clean point of view comes from our own homes. A clean home will bring the energy of calm and strength, and health, both physically and mentally healthy.

Maintaininæg Harmony between Neighbors

Harmony between neighbors can be maintained if we have a clean environment. Why is that? Because we know that a clean environment will give positive energy to our hearts. Where we will transmit our positive energy to our interlocutors, so, that way, we will be closer to our neighbors.

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