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Profitable business: how to open a nail salon. Business plan for Nail Salon

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Every woman should be not only beautiful but well maintained. Attention should be paid not only to the face and body but also to the hands because they are an important part of the lady’s image. That’s why manicure salons are widely used to help be unsurpassed. Of course, you can do a manicure yourself at home, but it often does not have enough time or desire because the quality hand and nail care is a relatively complicated and time-consuming task. For this reason, many women trust professionals who work in specialized beauty salons and have sufficient work experience. How to open a nail salon? The first task should be to follow the standard procedure that provides for IP registration. This is the best feature for a separate manicure cabinet and a large salon. Another point can be getting start-up capital because it is impossible to start a profitable trade with your funds.

You can get a free grant or a bank loan for this purpose. What to look for next? Once the financial side is resolved, you should decide on the location of the future nail salon. There can be two options. The first is to rent a small room in the bedroom. But in this case, you should take care of the constant influx of customers. Despite the relatively low cost of this option, it is better to choose shopping malls or an existing beauty salon, in which it is possible to equip a small manicure room. The best option would be to place a nail salon in the city center, where there are many boutiques, offices or other facilities visited by a large number of people. It should be borne in mind that such a business’s development will cost much more, as this should be taken into account when calculating a manicure cost.

The rental will therefore depend on the location of the nail salon. Besides, the company’s costs are affected not only by the location but also by the site’s condition. It is clear that with good execution, rental costs will be higher. Another factor that needs attention is the area of the future salon. So for the work of one master you have to equip about 10 square meters. meters. We should also not forget the isolated area that will be used as a technical room. Equipment for quality manicure When compiling a nail salon business plan, you should pay attention to the equipment, which is an important part of the optimal arrangement. It should be high quality and, of course, comfortable and safe for maximum customer comfort. Also, all manicure cabinet equipment should be light and mobile, suitable for storage.

You also need to take care of a wide range of manicure tools (hand rollers, manicure lamps, special equipment, hoods, etc.) that are as comfortable as possible and help maximize profits. Therefore, the main criteria should guide the choice: quality, reliability, and safety combined with minimal costs. Manicure equipment should be professional and modern.Besides, it will be good if it fits into the overall design of the room. Don’t forget high-quality consumables and tools, without which it is not possible to make a beautiful manicure. Manicure table properties: A good business plan for a nail salon is impossible without considering a suitable workplace layout.

Today, there is a wide selection of manicure tables that can be immediately fitted with a hood. It is also possible to buy the right model for the order, which will allow you to choose the color, material, or individual sizes. The following criteria should be considered when purchasing:

  • The workplace according to hygienic standards should be at least 0.7 m high from the floor;
  • The surface of the manicure table must be resistant to moisture and must withstand repeated disinfection;
  • Its location should be close to the sink, where you can wash your hands and the necessary tools;
  • If several workplaces are planned, the size of the manicure tables should allow them to be placed so that the distance between them is at least 3 meters;
  • Of course, the aesthetic appearance of the selected model is also important, not only functionality or comfort.

Manicure chair If you are thinking about opening a nail salon, you should pay attention to the most common mistake when conducting such a business. Most entrepreneurs are concerned about comfort and convenience for customers and forget about their employees. This is a serious error that can affect profitability and service quality. So the master will constantly think about how best to sit in an uncomfortable chair and not make a high-quality artistic manicure. To organize optimal work, we should choose chairs that would compromise the economy and satisfactory working conditions. It is important that they have a comfortable but at the same time beautiful design. Armchairs must be height-adjustable, characterized by high reliability and long life.

The selected product must be guaranteed, which is additional protection from the manufacturer in the event of certain defects or malfunctions. Waiting room When choosing furniture for a manicure, keep in mind that the work space’s layout is important, but attention should also be paid to the waiting room. To increase consumer ratings, a good entrepreneur will ensure that clients do not know stomp upside down, wait at the reception, but can easily drink coffee, watch TV or read interesting magazines. It is necessary to buy a coffee table and upholstered furniture, which will make your waiting time more pleasant. The business plan of a nail salon whose area does not allow the use of solid furniture should include the purchase of compact chairs or sofas. If the area is sufficient, then most often choose sofas and armchairs with textile or leather upholstery. Models with removable covers may be the best choice, allowing you to constantly renew your furniture’s look. Interesting are designer sofas, with which you can immediately change the style and decoration by adjusting the legs, armrests, or parts as needed.

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