Tips for car rental

Tips for Car Rental

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Friends, here we have collected short life hacks on how to get high-quality car rental services and not overpay for them. Based on real events. – Here is our experience and feedback from our clients who contacted us after a negative experience in other firms.


1. As a rule, renting a car within the city limits is cheaper than at the airport or train station. Because you don’t have to pay for expensive parking and rent, consider this point when ordering a car. Most rental companies can deliver the vehicle to your place of arrival and it will be cheaper.

Basic conditions

2. Carefully read the basic terms of service, age, and payment terms. Somewhere it is impossible to get a car for young drivers or pay the rent in cash. It will also be useful to learn about rental car insurance and the lessee’s liability limit. For example, all cars are insured in our company, and the renter’s liability is limited to the deposit amount. And even that can be guaranteed, i.e., reduce harm to zero.


3. We do not recommend leaving an advance payment of more than 15% of the order amount. There is a risk of getting. It is worth taking a closer look at a company that requires 100% prepayment – either all cars are so impeccable, or there is simply a desire to spin the business with customers’ money. On the other hand, if a company reservations cars without prepayment, this is also a strange signal. There is a chance that a tenant with money will come to the office of this rental the day before your lease and want to take a car. They will give it to him, and at best, they will call you and refer to force majeure. Or they will not call at all … We take an advance payment of 1 day of rent and confirm the booking in writing – so everyone is calmer. After pre-booking, do not forget to print the voucher; most likely, information about your rental will be transferred to the pick-up point, however,

Geography of travel by rented car

4. If you plan to travel through several cities and countries, be sure to specify – is it allowed to travel and under what conditions. For example, in our company, movements within the country are free, you only need a notification, and trips abroad are agreed upon individually and require a notarized power of attorney.

Inspection upon admission

5. When receiving the machine, inspect it with a colleague. You can donate it back to another employee, and the nuances that will not be noted can become the subject of a dispute. To avoid them, especially if you have no cooperation with a specific company, it is better to shoot a short video or photo.

Financial and payment documents

6. Demand from the employees of the point of issue reporting documents – checks, receipts. We know of rental companies cases when a client paid for services in cash and left the card number when booking, and dishonest employees re-wrote the cost of services from the card. Why unnecessary litigation? We also recommend checking whether the employees have made a personal discount or bonus following the loyalty program before picking up the car. Sometimes employees “forget” this.

When returning the car for rent

7. When returning a car, it is imperative to hand the car over to an employee against signature, with the date and time-stamped; otherwise, there is a risk of getting “unscheduled” traffic fines and “hanging” unnecessary damages on the body, such cases, alas, are found in unscrupulous companies.

Force majeure, late, not in time

8. If there is a delay in the return – be sure to call and warn the landlord. Otherwise, you may face a fine, because another client can wait for the same car at the office at the appointed time. Respect other people’s time and let the rental company prepare a replacement car for the renter.

If you broke down on a rental car

9. Check with the rental provider how to act in case of a breakdown on the rented car and what responsibility is assigned to you. For example, according to our contract terms, the client is only responsible for those breakdowns and malfunctions caused by improper operation, and the company pays the rest. However, there are other situations – when tenants must pay for suspension repairs, for example.

How best to return

10. Try to return the car in the same form you received – wash, refuel, etc. Firstly, it is more pleasant for everyone, and secondly, these services at the point of issue will be more expensive.

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